Pseudocode Translation [IN PROGRESS]

Based on the SparkFun Library

The ADPS object contains properties for:

a delta for up-down and left-right gestures

a count for up-down, left-right, and near-far gestures

a gesture state

a gesture_motion_ (unknown purpose)


initializes the above properties



Init function

Sets up an id variable

Begins I2C comms

Read ID register (0x92) and compare against known values for APDS-9960 (0xAB or 0x9C)

set enable register (0x80) to 0x00 [disables all features, 0x7F to enable all]

Set default ambient light and proximity registers:

  • 0x81 to 219 (ATIME)
  • 0x83 to 246 (WTIME)
  • 0x8E to 0x87 (PROX_PPULSE)
  • 0x9D to 0 (POFFSET_UR)
  • 0x9E to 0 (POFFSET_DL)
  • 0x8D to 0x60 (CONFIG1)
  • call to setLedDrive() with default value (0x00)

  • call to setProximityValue() w/default value (0x02)

  • call to setAmbientLightGain() w/default value (0x01)

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