July 2017

July 1

Sitting around on a Saturday afternoon, thinking about life goals and such.

Probably going to start slowly assembling the AuraCube again, but it'll still take forever.

Working on reverse engineering the APDS-9960 RGB/Gesture Sensor when not livestreaming-- saving the TCS RGB sensor finish work for the next time I livestream.

Other than that, just reading through the Art of Electronics book, doing some of the labs, and trying to keep my lab in order.

July 4

Heading to London tomorrow for JeffConf-- giving a talk about IoT and serverless and sitting on a panel!

I'm still working on those RGB sensors and exploring some other options for displaying colors. Bringing along some stuff fun stuff to play with on the trip.

I'll probably go back to streaming the week I get back.

July 5

On a plane to New York on my way to London. Got APA102s actually factually working with T2 last night, pushed the code up to GitHub. Going to finish working on a demo for JeffConf with them.

Managed to nab a Micro::Bit-- might even find time to play around with in London (appropriate)

July 17

Getting ready for NodeSummit Day Zero, slides and demos and such. Gonna do something with APA102 lights since I finally have those reliably working! Need to update docs and repo on that.

No NodeBots Day Austin -- can't organize stuff with my schedule. But I might livestream from the lab that day, for funsies.

July 26

Leaving SF with the light bar prototype in tow. It uses github webhooks and IOpipe webhooks at the moment, trying to build a twitter solution (might look to node-RED on that). I'll put that under projects here shortly.

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