June 2017 Logs

June 2, 2017

I'm at the 200OK conference today. Gave a talk on Serverless Architectures in Node.JS.

I've been working on an AVR project-- essentially I want to make an AVR chip into an I2C/SPI/whatever peripheral in order to run hardware tests for my bus-pirate npm module. Turns out this may benefit the bus-pirate firmware project as well, so that's fun.

So far, I have the I2C peripheral code *kind of* working. You can see more in the ATMega328 Testing Peripheral section for more. Next I want to finish the I2C, then move on to SPI.

here's the repo for the test peripheral.

I'm still noodling with the combination of the SX1509 IO expander and 4x4 LED button grid from SparkFun. I can get colors to show up via PWM, but my soldering in the past has led to a few bugs. Once I fix that and verify it, I want to move it from BusPirate lines to Node via either J5 or mraa on the edison.

Other than that, I might be building light-up armor soon. We will see.

Finally, I intend to more fully document my Serverless Skateboard builds this month.

Then of course there's the monumental task of moving all relevant documentation from the existing publicly-available OneNote Notebook to GitBooks. I basically plan to move info over as I use it, culling old and unused research. I don't ever intend to delete my original notes-- just eventually all updates will end up here.

June 26, 2017

It's been quite a month! I did an IoT NodeBots workshop at DinosaurJS (docs here) and have resumed livestreaming rom the lab. My priorities have shifted a bit though-- I have my Calculus III final tonight, but after that I have my first substantial break from school in over a year, and I intend to got a lot of robotics done during that break.

I am going to start a video series on the Bus Pirate-- it's a great tool with not enough content. I'll start a section with notes on that once I conquer these surface integrals!

Later that night...

Test completed. Cobbled together a pile of sensors and peripherals to reverse engineer and convert to Node. Started working on ideas for Bus Pirate video tutorials.

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